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Flu Season Is Here: Is Your Labour Ready?

We are well into Autumn and getting ready for that time of the year where we start layering our clothing, unpacking our winter coats; and getting ready to embrace the cold season. This is also the season for increased cases of flu and with it, COVID-19’s third wave as predicted by scientists.

Many employers are not always readily prepared with contingent labour to assist with this season of increased absenteeism. This can lead to a decrease in production and can impact companies in a huge way as illness is not something that can be prepared for well in advance.

Here is some advice on how to effectively plan to ensure continuation or uninterrupted production:

#1- Critical Staff Analysis- Get your production management or leaders to do an assessment of the most critical skill levels in their divisions, and put together a needs analysis pertaining to what would happen if those skills were to be impacted due to illness.

#2- Training/Skill Requirements Analysis – Analyse your critical staff plan and identify skills requirements to determine whether training or skill transfer would be required.

#3- Skill Transfer- Should the requirements involve handovers, discuss these options with your labour hire company who may be able to facilitate a contingent labour pool and assist you with the necessary skill transfer training.

#4- Projection Planning – Discuss the projected plans and turn-around times with your labour hire company and ensure that your management in these critical departments, are aware of the contingency supply and the process that should be followed.

#5- Relax – At this stage you have done what many employers have failed to do over many decades “Contingent Planning”. Although the future cannot be predicted when it comes to illness, the steps suggested above can play a crucial role when you as a business have client commitments.

Qunu Staffing has a team of project specialists and facilitation management that have vast experience with effective planning and urgent staff requirements. We understand the dynamics of projects and even more so, the shortage of specific skill requirements; and the frustration this can cause to meet commitments.

Get in touch with us! Our project specialists will be able to guide you on the best steps to take to ensure that your business isn’t negatively affected this winter season.

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