Temporary Employment Services

Various industries require a flexible labour market and temporary Employment service providers play an important role in providing a workforce that can be adapted to seasonal, volume, and production fluctuation requirements. Our Temporary Employment Services extend beyond staffing to offering turnkey, tailor-made outsourcing solutions, including all aspects of human capital management such as payroll, industrial relations, human resources, risk management employee benefits, training, and employee healthcare.

Our Temporary Employment Services provides:

  • Recruitment of suitable candidates through our strategy of:
  • Central Recruitment based on proximity to the client’s site
  • Large database
  • Shorter turnaround time
  • Suitably referenced and qualified candidates – through criminal checks and qualifications verification
  • Competitive and industry regulated pricing
  • Registered and compliant with various bargaining council bodies
  • Risk Mitigation
  • Insurance cover for our services, i.e.:
  • Professional Indemnity
  • Public Liability
  • Access to legal compliance infrastructure that ensures that the type of contracts used, and periods of placements made comply with the latest changes in labour legislation
  • Client driven solutions in line with the Labour Relations Act
  • Specialised industrial relations services that safeguard the client against the provisions of the Labour Relations Act in respect to terminations and addressing union-related issues
  • Specialist CCMA representation to assist labour dispute issues
  • Strike contingency planning to address any possible industrial action
  • Technology-driven payroll system
    • Inhouse developed payroll system that:
  • Manages time: rostering, absenteeism, leave training, online timesheet
  • Contractor Management: skills, work history, performance management, training, portfolio of evidence
    • Payment: efficient and accurate calculation of wages and invoices

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